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Разработка и производство оборудования для диагностики и ремонта машин

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Владимир Вышиваный

In a short time there will be a high-pressure bench with 6 nozzles.Features: any type of nozzle. The..
Stand "The Djinn II" 8 injectorsFor cleaning and checking electromagnetic gasoline, direct injection..
Motortester "Compass 2m", a new production.Again in the production of the motortester "Compass 2m".6..
"DjinnX" is intended for use in cleaning and testing stands of injectors."Djinn" - stand with feed..
Ready to work module "Djinn II" + simulator signals in one housing.  "Djinn" - stand with fee..
The probe consists of two parts.The first probe: an oscilloscope, a generator, a voltmeter, an activ..
Simulator "Signal" allows you to:- Simulation of the signals of DPCW, DF (500-10000 rpm), DC (1-2000..
- the "Earth" line;- "Shchup" wire (channel 1);- "Generator" wire "Prolonka" mode;-USB connection ca..
Internal connection cable for injectors..
External injector connection cable..
PXX Test Cable..
DKKV Adapter Board dimensions 86 x 32 mm..
Adapter "ISKRA" Dimensions of the board 66 x 44 mm..
Adapter "CRD_Test" For diesel valves, such as VP30 and others. The board dimensions are 66 x 44 mm...
Nest of nozzle (stainless steel) with fixing nut.(for assembling the ramp of the stand on 6 injector..
Adapter cable DB9 Length 0.5 m..
Adapter injectors..
Sleeve cover socket..
A film with inscriptions for the module "Djinn"..
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