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Розробка та виробництво обладнання для діагностики та ремонту машин

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Accessories Djinn

Accessories Djinn

The working body of engines equipped with electronic fuel injection systems are electro-valve injectors (injectors). Structurally, the nozzles are made non-separable, and in case of failure they must be replaced.

The concentration of tar and sulfur (heavy hydrocarbon molecules) in gasoline depends on the technology for producing gasoline and its storage conditions. Once in the fuel system, they accumulate on the hot walls of the pipelines, contaminate the fuel injectors, which leads to a deterioration in the supply of gasoline, and, accordingly, to a deterioration in traction.
Even manufacturers of injectors Bosch, Lucas, Nippon, Denso, GM recommend flushing the injector, for prophylaxis, every 20 thousand km.

Module / Stand "Djinn" is intended for diagnostics and cleaning of the fuel supply channel of solenoid injectors. The test bench checks the resistance of the injector windings, performance, jet shape and mechanical properties of the injectors (response to short impulses).

The injector cable is only included in the "Injector Tester Unit" kit.If you purchase the Injector T..
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