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Розробка та виробництво обладнання для діагностики та ремонту машин

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History of development

The development and production of equipment for auto service has been conducted since 2006.

At the moment there are devices that are out of production, due to the release of new modifications. But they still get software support. What can be said better about the quality and responsible approach to the products and the people they will serve?

In this article you can follow the stages of the development of devices for over 12 years. At the forum, existing for many years, you can follow all the stages in more detail, customer communication, emerging issues and their solution, together we made each device better.

Forum - link to the forum itself.

Devices discontinued, but receiving software support:

     2006 - Compass. Vetka Forum - Compass
     2010 - Compass +. Vetka Forum - Compass +
     2013 - "Compass 2m". Vetka Forum - Kompas2m

     Constructor "Gene" - 2008
     Stand "Gene" 2008 - 2012
     Stand "Gene" 2013 - Branch Forum - Stand Jeanne 2013
     Bloc "Gene" 2013 - Forum Branch - Bloc Genie 2013
     Stand "Jean" in 2014 - Vetka Forum - Stand Jeanne 2014
     Stand "Gene" 2015 - Branch Forum - Stand Jeanne 2015
     Bloc "Gene" 2015 - Forum Branch - Bloc Genie 2015