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Разработка и производство оборудования для диагностики и ремонта машин

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Stands, Modules and Blocks

Stands, Modules and Blocks

Injector defects are invisible to the car ECU, a full check is carried out only with removal from the car, dynamic flow rate is checked, cleaning under cavitation conditions.
In some cases, it is possible to clean without removing, without checking the quality of the torch and the actual consumption.

   Requirement for test stands for modern injectors
Large range of winding resistances from 0.6 to 16 ohms.
High speed (opening time) from 0.2 ms.
A weakly pronounced opening moment is visible only on the current curve, a short section (cannot be detected by the piezo sensor).

Displaying the characteristics of the injectors on a graphical indicator allows you to instantly compare the current characteristics of all connected injectors. The resistance of the winding (accuracy 0.01 Ohm) and the moment (time with an accuracy of 0.1 ms) of opening are checked.
The current graphs should ideally match. Defects in the form of a difficult movement of the injector needle and a short circuit in the winding are immediately visible.
Ability to change test parameters: pulse time, number of pulses, etc.
Demagnetization mode - the supply of alternating pulses to output magnetic debris (metal microparticles) that do not exit the injector with a unipolar pulse.
Automatically save selected modes convenient for the operator.
Saving verification results in the customer database.
Firmware upgrade stand.

   LPG (HBO)
Previous approaches in the form of measuring the opening / closing time require a lot of time and do not actually test their work.
A special mode for measuring gas flow dynamics with the display of pressure reduction graphs for all connected injectors at the same time is a quick and complete check of the actual operation of LPG injectors.

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