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Разработка и производство оборудования для диагностики и ремонта машин

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Stand "The Djinn II" 8 injectorsFor cleaning and checking electromagnetic gasoline, direct injection injectors (GDI, FSI), gas injectors  "Djinn" - stand with feedback from the injector, controlled by the moment of opening the injector to prevent blows during closing, the optimal mode is automatically selected, which eliminates damage to the injector, increases the cleaning effect, saves operator time.   The "Degaussing" and "Cleaning" mode with magnetic reversal allows you to remove magnetic debris inside the injector, which disrupts its normal operation. The cause of a injector leak is often caused precisely by the presence of such garbage.Automatic cleaning mode - maximum cavitation.The control of the opening degree eliminates the possibility of the needle hitting the injector.Free firmware update of the stand control module.Stainless steel stand.Stainless steel liquid supply system.Connector for connecting the injector cleaning cable without removing (on the car), checking the PXX and other purposes.Injectors: Classic, LPG, FSIAutomatic cleaning mode - maximum cavitation.Controlling the opening degree eliminates the possibility of the needle hitting the injector.Free firmware update of the stand control module.At the stand it is possible to clean simultaneously injectors with two cars (2x4)Minimum resistance of injectors is 0.9 - 20 OhmsSystem pressure up to 10 barPipelines of liquid are made of stainless steel, you can use any cleaning products.Stainless steel tanks 1 literDimensions (SHVD): 525x420x180Warranty 1 year.Completeness:- stand- clamping bar- inserting the clamping bar- receiving cups 8 pcs.- graduated cylinder 1 pc.- Latch 8 pcs.- plugs 7 pcs.- air hose- watering can- network power cable- CDIn more detail you can familiarize yourself with the information about the possibilities in the documentation by going to the blog or by asking a question personally to the developer: +38(063)8151000 (Telegram, WhatsApp, Viber)...


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