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Разработка и производство оборудования для диагностики и ремонта машин

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Modules and blocks for control of the diagnostic stand and cleaning of injectors:Characteristics of the Djinn X moduleInjectors: classic, LPG, FSI, CDIInjectors control channels: 4 or 6. Bridge circuit for connecting injectors.The voltage at the injectors is 4 -100V (depending on the model of the module).Outputs 5 channels. To control the nodes of the injectors cleaning stand (high pressure fuel pump, valve. Three of them with PWM)Inputs 3 channels. For working with sensors (e.g. pressure).Encoder ConnectorIndication: color graphic indicator 2.8 ", 240 * 320 pixels.Touch keyboard, 12 buttons.Data Transfer: USB, WiFi.External control programs - DjinnX-Terminal program (Win7, Win8, Win10).Supply voltage +11 ... 12V (maximum + 12.5V!)Injector resistance 0.1-20 Ohm (depending on model)The maximum revolutions in the "Consumption" mode (MPI) are 20,000 rpm.USB Connector Format: Mini USB 7x3.2mmDimensions of the module panel: 122х107х43mmWarranty 24 months.Operating modes:-"Cleaning".-"Consumption". Submodes: static, dynamic, automatic, flow;-"Test". Winding resistance, opening time, current, current graphs;-"Demagnetization".- "LPG". Dynamic flow charts.ДОКУМЕНТАЦИЯ ДЖИНН в формате pdf - ССЫЛКА НА СКАЧИВАНИЕДОКУМЕНТАЦИЯ ДЖИНН в формате электронной книги - ССЫЛКА НА СКАЧИВАНИЕVideo work "DjinnX" Injectors resistance 0.1-20 Ohm (depending on model) Injectors: classic, LPG, FSI, CDI (depending on model) Pulse on Injectors 4 - 80V (depending on model) Automatic cleaning mode - maximum cavitation. Maximum revolutions in the "Consumption" mode (MPI) 20,000 rpm.Block dimensions 130x114x47 mm.Color graphic indicator, touch keyboard.Stainless steel case.The package includes the program "DjinnX-Terminal". Provides: maintain a customer database, manage the DjinnX Block from a computer, print or send an email report to the client.External power supply included.It can be used to control other stands that do not work with low-impedance injectors and do not have such capabilities: "Launch CNC-602A", "BLU STAR WEBSONIC", "Triumph" and others.In more detail you can familiarize yourself with the information about the possibilities in the documentation by going to the blog or by asking a question personally to the developer: +38(063)8151000 (Telegram, WhatsApp, Viber)...

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Stand for the diagnosis and cleaning of high pressure injectors: Piezo, FSI, GDI, CDI. High quality, nice price. Worldwide shipping. Come on in!...
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