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Разработка и производство оборудования для диагностики и ремонта машин

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Cleaning injectors

Cleaning injectors

Injector defects are invisible to the car's ECU, a complete check is carried out only when removed from the car, the dynamic flow is checked, cleaning in cavitation conditions.
In some cases, cleaning without removal is possible, without checking the quality of the torch and the actual flow rate.

  Requirement for test stands for modern injectors
Modern injectors differ significantly from those produced more than 10 years ago.
Large range of winding resistance from 0.6 to 16 ohms.
High speed (opening time) from 0.2 ms.
High-pressure direct fuel injection nozzles are tested under operating pressure conditions of 20-180 bar, a high-voltage pulse of 60-100V is required, for piezo injectors 130-230V.
Weak opening moment visible only on the current curve, short section (not detected by the piezo sensor).

Displaying the characteristics of the injectors on a graphical indicator allows you to instantly compare the current characteristics of all connected injectors. The resistance of the winding (accuracy 0.01 Ohm) and the moment (time with an accuracy of 0.01 ms) of opening are checked.
The current graphs should ideally match. Defects in the form of a difficult movement of the injector needle and a short circuit in the winding are immediately visible.
The ability to change the test parameters: pulse time, number of pulses, etc.
Demagnetization mode - supply of alternating pulses to remove magnetic debris (metal microparticles) that do not leave the injector with a unipolar pulse.
Automatic saving of the selected modes, convenient for the operator.
Saving check results in the customer database.
Stand firmware update.

Previous approaches in the form of measuring open / close times are time-consuming and do not actually test their work.
A special mode for measuring the dynamics of gas consumption with displaying graphs of pressure reduction for all connected injectors simultaneously - a quick and complete check of the real operation of LPG injectors
The equipment developed and manufactured by us meets these requirements.

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