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Разработка и производство оборудования для диагностики и ремонта машин

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Stand SVD

Stand SVD

High pressure stands for 6 injectors.
At the stage of transfer to production, high pressure stands "SVD"
for 6
injectors of the type: Piezo, FSI, GDI, CDI.
The stand consists of a body, a block of graduated cylinders and a ramp.
The ramp is designed to install the tested injectors using a clamping bar and fasteners. There are interchangeable sockets for different types of nozzles.
The front panel contains:
- pressure gauge in the system 0-150 bar.
- the handle of the electronic pressure regulator.
- control panel for operating modes with a graphic indicator and a touch keyboard.
- button for draining the working fluid from the graduated cylinders into the tank.
- block of graduated cylinders.

The firmware language is English or Russian.
Joint development Ukraine-Moldova
Warranty 24 months
Price 3000 euros

During the quarantine period, deliveries are made worldwide. National carrier, delivery time is 14-40 days. Or EMS (Express Mail Service) - an expedited international delivery service, delivery time is 7-10 days, the cost of such delivery: Russian Federation - $ 240, Moldova - $ 180, Kazakhstan - $ 220, Georgia - $ 210, Belarus - $ 190 ... If your country is not on the list, write to us, we will clarify the cost of EMS delivery to your city.

At the stage of transfer to production, the high-pressure stand SVD-2020:-stand for 6 injectors of t..
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