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Разработка и производство оборудования для диагностики и ремонта машин

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Simulator "Signal" allows you to:

- Simulation of the signals of DPCW, DF (500-10000 rpm), DC (1-2000 Hz (step 1 Hz), pulse duration 1-99%), with the number of teeth and misfits, camshaft signal shift ± 150 ° ( step 1);

- check ignition coils (2 channels) 100-15000 rpm. Accumulation time 0.8 - 3.9 ms, step 0.1 ms;

- PHX check;

- simulation of ABS sensors (inductive and MRF);

- emulation of the oxygen sensor signal;

- a pulse-width regulator;

- generator of single / periodic pulses, four 12V 1A channels (through the adapter "Iskra" 17A);

Analogue pulse generator of any shape (DAC 12bit 250KHz, 0.5A);

- measurement of voltage, duration of pulses;

- check check of valves, gasoline and gas injectors;

- call wire with beeper, voltage measurement, pulse generator, pulse meter, backlight.

 The call is made by a 20 kHz generator with a low voltage level (for safety), without binding  to the mass of the car.

- CDI injector adapter;

- a dual-channel oscilloscope (with an adapter, ADC 12bit 2.4MHz)

Simulator "Signal" allows you to:- Simulation of the signals of DPCW, DF (500-10000 rpm), DC (1-2000..
DKKV Adapter Board dimensions 86 x 32 mm..
Adapter "ISKRA" Dimensions of the board 66 x 44 mm..
Adapter "CRD_Test" For diesel valves, such as VP30 and others. The board dimensions are 66 x 44 mm...
Adapter cable DB9 Length 0.5 m..
Adapter "Do it yourself"Universal board, DB9 connector, housing...
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