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Разработка и производство оборудования для диагностики и ремонта машин

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By now, our products have served thousands of new and retro cars. Over the past decade, we have gathered hundreds of loyal, returning customers, thanks to the quality and functionality of the products we provide. Our devices benefit in many ways in terms of functionality, quality and convenience in the offer market, and the price is always kept balanced and balanced.


Most modern boards. All parts used in production were purchased from the most reliable manufacturers. No plastic! All enclosures are made of high quality stainless steel. High quality and maximum functionality is our goal.


We do not do regular sales. The equipment you buy gets support and current updates. Constant work is underway to improve and add new features. Also all equipment has warranty service.


We appreciate the equipment we provide, and our customers can always expect from us help and advice on operation. At the forum, which has been operating for many years, you can get acquainted with all the equipment, stages of production, reviews, advice from our customers.


We strive to make the ratio of quality, functionality and price as reasonable as possible. You can compare the functions of similar devices on the market with prices and draw your own conclusions. And if additional questions arise, you can count on the help of our consultants.

Ready to work block "DjinnX"Model blocks "DjinnX" to control the stand cleaning injectors Тег tab..
Stand "The Djinn II" 8 injectorsFor cleaning and checking electromagnetic gasoline, direct injection..
Injector: classic, LPG, FSI (pulse 80V)     "Djinn" - stand with feedback from t..
Motortester "Compass 2m", a new production.Again in the production of the motortester "Compass 2m".6..
"DjinnX" is intended for use in cleaning and testing stands of injectors."Djinn" - stand with feed..
Сonstructor "DjinnX" is intended for use in cleaning and testing stands of injectors.Injector contro..
Ready to work module "Djinn II" + simulator signals in one housing.  "Djinn" - stand with fee..
The probe consists of two parts.The first probe: an oscilloscope, a generator, a voltmeter, an activ..
Simulator "Signal" allows you to:- Simulation of the signals of DPCW, DF (500-10000 rpm), DC (1-2000..
- the "Earth" line;- "Shchup" wire (channel 1);- "Generator" wire "Prolonka" mode;-USB connection ca..
Internal connection cable for injectors..
External injector connection cable..
PXX Test Cable..
DKKV Adapter Board dimensions 86 x 32 mm..
Adapter "ISKRA" Dimensions of the board 66 x 44 mm..
Adapter "CRD_Test" For diesel valves, such as VP30 and others. The board dimensions are 66 x 44 mm...
Nest of nozzle (stainless steel) with fixing nut.(for assembling the ramp of the stand on 6 injector..
Adapter cable DB9 Length 0.5 m..
Adapter injectors..
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