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Разработка и производство оборудования для диагностики и ремонта машин

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The working body of gasoline engines equipped with electronic fuel injection systems are solenoid valves (injectors). Structurally, the injectors are not collapsible, and in case of failure they are subject to replacement.

The concentration of tar and sulfur (heavy hydrocarbon molecules) in gasoline depends on the technology of obtaining gasoline and its storage conditions. Getting into the fuel system, they accumulate on hot walls of pipelines, contaminate fuel injectors, which leads to a deterioration in the supply of gasoline, and accordingly deterioration of traction. Even the manufacturers of nozzles Bosch, Lucas, Nippon, Denso, GM recommend rinsing the injector, for the prevention, every 20 thousand km.

Frequent defects of electromagnetic injectors:

 - sediments inside
magnetized garbage
 - insufficiently fine spraying
 - loss of the shape of the sprayed fuel jet
 - leakage of fuel
 - Hanging lock needle
 - open in the winding circuit
 - interturn closure
 - magnetization

Module / Stand "Djinn" is designed to diagnose and clean the fuel supply channel solenoid valve injectors. At the stand, the resistance of the nozzle windings, the performance, the shape of the jet and the mechanical properties of the injectors (reaction to short pulses) are checked.

The physical mechanism for cleaning the fuel delivery channel of the injector consists in the occurrence of vapor-gas bubbles in the liquid flow with the sudden movement of the injector valve (increase in the relative flow rate) and subsequent collapse of the bubbles under the pressure of the surrounding liquid medium, called hydrodynamic cavitation.

Each time the injectors are dismantled, carefully inspect the rubber seals, replace if there are cracks or damage to the surface, any leaks cause the mixture to become lean and, as a result, the engine malfunctions. It must be remembered that the exact dosage of fuel calculated by the ECU is only possible on fully serviceable injectors.

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